The Environment – It’s Our Commitment!

MKD’s commitment is to the well – being of our staff, clients, the premises we care for, and the environment. The products we purchase, their effectiveness, and the methods we use them in are all chosen to minimize harmful effects. Our choices of chemicals and equipment is the prelude to well established policies, procedures and training and shared responsibility.

We Commit to;

Green chemicals – distributed and controlled through proportional use equipment Staff training of our green products and their purposes. Up to date equipment – (i.e high efficiency, back pac vacuums with HEPA, CRI green label filter systems).

Maintain floors using green products with low VOCs – minimize use of floor strippers Maintain all equipment in order to maximize efficiency and minimize chemical usage Implement innovative green products and methods though continued market sourcing Avoid the use of aerosols, and convenience packaging.

At MKD we understand the importance of being environmentally alert and provide a safe, non-toxic working environment to our clients and staff alike. We accept our role and responsibility in protecting the environment for today and for future generations.

MKD Janitorial works closely with our suppliers and manufactures to create clear, concise and comprehensive training programs. The most important part of any program is the people that are expected to fulfil our service promises. Successful service only comes from having properly trained and guided staff.

MKD Janitorial managers and supervisors are thoroughly versed in Occupational Health and Safety standards and other industry standards and regulations. We will work with your staff team to create a protocol for cleaning and maintenance which reflects the industry’s best practices.

Our training program includes:

  • Learning about chemicals and their use.
  • Understanding the relationship of PH and green cleaning.
  • Training in safety procedures of equipment and chemical usage.
  • Reading and understanding the MSDS sheets.
  • WHIMIS training.
  • Learning the importance of disinfecting for health.
  • Learning the why’s and how’s of maintaining floor surfaces.
  • Use of colour coded microfiber cloths and mops to prevent cross contamination.
  • How to understand and use the chemical dilution systems.