A Name You Can Trust.

We believe in the importance of developing enduring relationships with our clients while ensuring a happy and healthy environment for staff. While people don’t always notice your building is clean, sanitary, and safe, they will certainly notice when it is not!

Our goal is to make your janitorial operations go unnoticed by eliminating unsanitary conditions, creating an immaculate and safe environment for building owners, tenants and clients, and providing superior service at lower costs.

Finding a reliable, long-term janitorial solution can often be a challenge. Look no further! MKD Janitorial delivers high-quality, affordable janitorial services for your office, commercial, industrial or retail locations.

MKD Janitorial Services is a privately owned company in BC. We believe that your facilities are your most important asset. Our commitment is to serve you with honesty and integrity. We have over 20 years of expertise in the industry, not to mention the people and resources to provide superior service for locations of all sizes.

Our vision is to set the Gold Standard for excellence by investing in our people, and technology.