Innovation – It’s In Our Nature!

Innovation is about not only being the best, but bringing the entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to exceed the needs of our customers.  We definitively bring the best value, best practices and best knowledge to the work we do for our customers.

Where we set ourselves apart is our creativity and culture to create solutions that adapt to the varying needs of our customers.

Our core values set us apart and help us get there:

Transparency – Full transparency into the services provided to our customers:

  • Complete visibility into every planned change to janitorial services.
  • Transparency in operating models and clients requirements.
  • Well aligned expectations maintained with effective communication.

Accountability – Taking pride in our work and ensuring effective service delivery:

  • Verification that services are being delivered and meeting pre-determined service standards.
  • Identification and remediation of unplanned services incidences.
  • Ensuring KPI’s for service standards and exceeding them on a monthly basis.

Measurement – Illustrating how changes will impact tenants / clients:

  • Use of recognized audit standards appropriate for different types of services.
  • Reporting and communicating to service stakeholders.

Improvement – Continual movement toward innovation and optimal service delivery:

  • Intelligence  that measures processes to enhance service.
  • The means to effectively plan and execute service changes
  • Investment in training and knowledge to equip our workforce.
  • A full understanding of the cost both direct and indirect on service changes.