Exterior Pressure Washing

Exterior Pressure Washing

So often, we pay such close attention to the interior of our homes or offices but fail to take a look at what’s happening outside. After all, a building’s exterior features are regularly subject to the elements, and as a result can look dirty, muddy, or develop mold or mildew due to various weather conditions. Cleaning them can be a chore for the owner but, often, the solution to such problems is simple. Hire a service that specializes in exterior pressure washing!

Professional exterior pressure washing has long been on the menu of services at MKD Janitorial. Our state-of-the-art commercial equipment and eco-friendly washing solutions can help make the outside of your home or office look like new again. By using an expert pressure washing service, you’ll achieve a much higher-quality, longer-lasting result than you would with a small do-it-yourself pressure washer purchased from the local home improvement store and you’ll likely save time and money as well.

At MKD, we can tackle a variety of exterior surfaces including:

  • parking lots
  • parking garages
  • sidewalks & walkways

A quick call to MKD will allow us to dispatch a member of our staff to assess the areas that need to be cleaned and provide you with an accurate estimate for our exterior pressure washing services. Our experts can also make suggestions as to the right time of year for such services and can set up recurrent service appointments that will allow your exterior to remain clean and free of toxic mold year-round.