Window Washing

Window Washing

Partition glass cleaning and commercial exterior window cleaning

Today’s offices often look much different than those of yesteryear. Because companies try to offer spaces that are more open and collaborative, solid walls have been replaced with materials that promote less isolation and more interaction. Glass partitions, for example, have become popular in offices where a friendlier vibe is preferable.

While the use of glass partitions offers a contemporary appearance that’s pleasing to the eye, such structures require more regular maintenance than standard plaster walls. Specifically, keeping them clean might require more than the occasional spray with a glass cleaning product. And because these partitions lighten up your office, you’ll want to keep them as bright and dirt-and streak-free as possible.

Partition glass takes a beating in most offices. Leaners leave fingerprints wherever they touch the glass. Coffee drinkers accidentally splash or spill their morning drinks, creating visible spots. Sticky notes and flyers hung on partitions leave behind residue that can be hard to remove. And everyday wear and tear means the glass just doesn’t look as fresh and new as it once did.

We can help with glass partition maintenance! The experts at MKD Janitorial Services are glass cleaning pros! Over the years, we’ve developed best practices for keeping those partitions clean and shiny. We understand which cleaning solutions offer the most optimal results, what kind of cloths leave glass bright and free from lint or other debris, and we have honed techniques for cleaning both small and large glass areas without leaving behind unsightly smears and streaks.